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Les portraits ColorFace, les plus colorés de la gamme !

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In the FaceDogue product line developed by Loupets, find the ColorFace portraits.

These are portraits made in color on HUION © graphic tablet.

Indeed, for an optimum rendering and a lifetime ... infinite! all achievements are hand-made on a graphic tablet!

The peculiarity of this type of portrait is a realization in color respecting the most faithful features of your companion, on a background slightly worked and very colorful!

It is used a software reproducing the typical tools pencils, brushes, brush ... etc, each stroke of pencils given on the tablet is the work of a human hand! The result is displayed on a screen instead of a paper sheet;) it's almost magical!

NB: For an optimal rendering, these portraits can be realized only according to photo (s) of excellent quality, without flash and in a natural lighting / studio. If the photo is not suitable, Loupets will not be able to realize your portrait ideally. We advise you to agree the photo and details of the portrait before payment.

For any order, thank you to contact Loupets directly by the tab Contact us by specifying:

- The color of the desired background if you already have an idea of ​​the final rendering

- and attaching a minimum 96ppp file corresponding to the requirements given above.

Once your order was completed, she sent you by email for validation and then printed on glossy paper (from 160 to 220g / m2 depending on the format).

All creations are sent in hard cardboard envelopes bearing the words "do not bend", with its embossed stamp and certificate of authenticity, the only details that certify that your portrait has done well by us. Without relief stamp, it is a counterfeit.